Instant Equity - Renovations - Property Management

Great Cash Flow​

We are full service real estate investors in Florida and Alabama.  That means we find great deals on homes giving you instant equity.  Then we complete any renovations necessary - find great tenants - put quality property management in place so you can sit back and enjoy your new income stream.  WAIT! There is more!  We help find you competitive insurance for your properties and even mortgage lenders so you can reinvest your capital in another property!  NO CASH? NO PROBLEM! - Let us show you how to leverage your good credit score into great investments.


DON'T WANT TO BE A LANDLORD? No problem.  We can help you make great returns by investing in mortgage notes.  These are secured investments that have real property as collateral.  Yes, it's true YOU can be the bank and not have to own real estate directly.

Instant Equity

We buy property in the Tampa Bay and Huntsville markets at prices 20-40% below market levels.  Often these properties are distressed, but even before any renovations are completed you will have equity.  Once they are updated and rented you will enjoy double digit returns on your investment.

Property Management

We offer Quality Property Management services for our clients.  Our average time for placement has been 17 days.  Our clients receive reduced rates including half price Tenant Placement Fee.

We do national credit and background checks to ensure we don't just put someone in your property - we put the RIGHT person in your property.


Renovations can be scary and we all heard stories about  costs that have spiraled our of control.  Have no fear!  We will review the rehab costs and schedule with you.  Potential problem areas are identified.  All of the work is done by professionals often quicker and less expensive than if you did it on your own. 

Insurance & Mortgages

Now for the paperwork.  You may not live in Florida but you know there are great deals to be had - if only you had a power team.  YOU DO! We can assist with all of it - title services for your closings, insurance companies to make sure you are covered, banks and mortgage brokers so you can refinance at today's great rates and get more properties!