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We have properties available for all your needs and credit situations.
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Property Management

We offer Quality Property Management services for our clients. Our average time for placement has been 17 days. Our clients receive reduced rates including half price Tenant Placement Fee.

We do national credit and background checks to ensure we don't just put someone in your property - we put the RIGHT person in your property.

Short Term Rental Management

Owning a short term rental, or even multiple short term rentals, can be time consuming. And you may just not know where to start.

We provide quality property management and oversight for these types of rentals. We can help with reservations, scheduling cleanings, determining rates, designing, and much more!

Instant Equity

We buy property in the Tampa Bay and Huntsville markets at prices 20-40% below market levels. Often these properties are distressed, but even before any renovations are completed you will have equity. Once they are updated and rented you will enjoy double digit returns on your investment.


Renovations can be scary and we all heard stories about costs that have spiraled our of control. Have no fear! We will review the rehab costs and schedule with you. Potential problem areas are identified. All of the work is done by professionals often quicker and less expensive than if you did it on your own. 

Turn-Key Properties

These properties are investor ready! All the rehab has been done, renters and property management is in place. They are just waiting for you to collect the check each month! All properties have transferable insurance. If you need assistance with a mortgage we can help with that too!

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